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How To Adjust Your World to Support Your Posture

Do you WORRY about your posture but Do Not Know Where to Start?

Do you Feel there is nothing you can do about it?

Then, this eBook is for YOU!

Packed with Advice and Tips to help guide your Posture & Help ease those nagging symptoms. By following these simple tips that you can integrate into your everyday life, you can take back control and help support yourself!

Love Your Back Osteopathy is a clinic built around YOU!
This means;

  • We are dedicated to providing You Excellent Osteopathic Care
  • Provide appointment times to suit your working hours
  • Provide online booking and reminder services
  • We ensure you understand why you are experiencing your symptoms
  • Formulate a treatment plan to help you recover
  • Plan an exercise rehabilitation programme to improve your strength and minimise reoccurring episodes
  • Stock products to aid your recovery

Our team meet regularly and work closely together to ensure continual care, and most importantly to stay on top of our game!
You can trust us to deliver you Excellent Osteopathic Care.

Our Services

We are an Osteopathic Clinic and are all Qualified, Registered and pretty amazing Osteopaths.

As a clinic we bring you Excellent Osteopathic Care with a treatment plan to improve your well being through treatment, advice and exercise.

We pride ourselves on working with all ages. We are a family friendly practice with facilities for small children and we also offer later appointments for those who commute.

Booking is Easy! You can Call, Text on 07956 390217 or Book Online below.

Thank you for Choosing Love Your Back Osteopathy.

“I have had treatments at LYB and found them both very beneficial. I wasn’t pressurised into making further appointments but would certainly seek further help if it was needed.”




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