What To Expect from Your First Treatment

First of all congratulations for deciding to chose osteopathy for your healthcare needs today

As a primary healthcare practitioner we need to take a thorough case history.
This means we shall cover the symptoms you are coming in with today but we also ask questions about your previous medical health. You can chose how much you want to tell us, but being honest helps us to give you a better diagnosis.

We do take personal details, but these are stored as per GDPR regulations and discussed in more detail with you during your consultation.

We then carry out a physical examination looking at your movements, and clinical testings. We do ask you to undress down to your underwear but equally respect your right to decline as this is not mandatory. Wearing loose clothing like jersey trousers, joggers and t shirts is preferable over jeans and tight clothing. We need to be able to move you in order to treat you and tight clothing can hinder that process.

We then provide hands on treatment. We shall walk you through what we are doing and why. Throughout treatment we want our patients to feel reassured that you are in control and can decline any technique you feel uncomfortable with.

Each person who visits our clinic, comes with a variation of symptoms varying in intensity, no one case is the same, therefore our treatments are tailored to you. Depending on your presenting symptoms, there will be certain techniques we can use and some we may not.

Our aim is to control / reduce your symptoms in your first treatment session. As it is your first session, we have a fair idea how you may react to our treatment and therefore treat accordingly. Your body will have a reaction to our treatment, it is part of the healing process. We can control this by what we do in the treatment session and the advice we give you to do at home. Please follow our advice, it will help support your body and more often, reduce your symptoms.

Your follow up session will confirm how your body reacts to our treatment and allow us to progress. Your reaction allows us to confirm our diagnosis and safely use a wider range of techniques. No treatment session will be the same.


Each session we will work with you and your body to achieve your desired outcome. We may advise some rehabilitation exercises and support you in doing them correctly.

We are available for advice regarding your treatment should you need to reach out to us.

We invite you to ask questions throughout the sessions, we want our patients to leave informed about their symptoms and empowered in taking control of them.

We look forward to seeing you and working with you.

“I am always pleased to be able to get an appointment with Pindy in a timely manner when I have back issues. They are really professional and very competent in their diagnosis and treatment. “




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