About LYB

Pain. Constant ache. A low grade niggle that reminds you not to move like that. Sometimes it comes on for no apparent reason and it is debilitating, other times you have learnt to live with it, but it always restricts your activity, your sleep, your quality of life. Does this sound like you?

I know exactly how you feel! When I sat down to my GCSE exams I remember the niggle in my lower back. It was no big deal. My first corporate job at 18 and I would sit with my legs tucked beneath me or crossed, because nothing was comfortable. It was no big deal. I started my degree and learning techniques on how to treat spinal issues, plus more sitting and learning.

Now it was a big deal! The constant nagging ache, aggravated by carrying books. So many of my patients tell me similar scenarios and make statements like ‘oh it will go away’. Aches and strains affecting our quality of life need not be an issue.

About Our Team

My team and I are here to help you and your family. I have been practicing osteopathy locally for the last 15 years. I love that I work with families and that families pick me to provide their osteopathic care. It is an honour. My team and I get to know our patients, how your symptoms are affecting your lifestyle, and make a bespoke treatment plan for you so together we can improve your situation. After taking a thorough case history and examination, we can ascertain where the problem lies, treat and show you rehabilitation exercises to aid healing. We provide support and advice to help you stay in optimum health

We provide a comfortable and relaxing home from home environment with separate waiting room. We have brilliant parking facilities and easy access via public transport. We offer later appointments for commuters and home visits for emergencies and people unable to get to the practice. We have an online booking system for your convenience and equally happy to communicate via text and phone.

My team and I are expertly trained, insured and have many years of experience treating and working with a diverse range of problems. You can trust us with your osteopathic care.

Book today and let us take care of your aches and niggles.

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Thank you.


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