We stock a small range of products to aid your healing.  In decades of practice I have sifted through countless products and honed in to a few basics which win in clinic and with patients every time! Specialist products are available but not stocked.  Further products will be added and seasonal products advertised on Facebook. 

Gift Vouchers

Giving is Good!

Gift certificates, or vouchers make for a lovely birthday gift. Equally for mother’s day, father’s day and christmas.

Cold Pack

In acute and severe cases patients are advised to alternate cold and hot packs.  This useful pack remains cold for hours and more importantly soft, so as to mould around an inflamed area, for example your knee, shoulder or back.  It is a good broad size to cover a sufficient area and pretty lightweight.  When taken care of, it will last a long time.



This is a bespoke high end product. The quality of these orthotics are unparalleled to a competitive product. An appointment is needed to take a perfect mould of each foot to produce a lightweight shatter proof orthotic.  They come with a lifetime guarantee! After the mould has been taken you are invited back for a fitting and a touch base a week after fitting to ensure satisfaction.

£ upon request

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