Common Mistakes made by Runners

Part 2


Terence continues from his last post with advice for Runners.


This is the second of a two-part blog on the main reasons I see injured runners in my clinic. Last time we covered F.I.T. this time we are looking at racing.

Inappropriate Racing

Track runners often plan their races very carefully during a season. Early season they race under and over distance races before running a series of races at their target distance. Each race builds towards a specific goal.
The same should be true of all runners including road and cross-country. Too often runners enter races because their club does or because they always do the local event, without having a plan for a target race where all their training will pay off.
Every year before the major spring marathons I try to help runners who have picked up an injury in a 10K race that will adversely affect the marathon they have spent months training for. I understand the temptation, the marathon training has left them very fit and the chance of a sneaky 10K PB is too good to miss. However, remember Specificity? Marathon training doesn’t prepare you for running a 10K faster than you’ve ever run it before.

Insufficient recovery post-race

Runners tend to an optimistic group, always looking ahead and forgetting the past, no matter how recent.
Most runners realise the importance of tapering, reducing the volume/intensity of training, before a race. Often though runners go straight back into full training and neglect to allow their body to fully recover from the increased effort of racing.
This is especially true when the race in question is not the main target for the season so attention post-race immediately focuses on training for the target race. Racing, even below PB level is more demanding than training and so extra recovery is needed.
Bearing in mind the above points may help you avoid injury.


Terence Barnes is a Keen Runner and Osteopath at and guest blogger for Love Your Back Osteopathy.  Thank you Terence for your great advice on this two part blog!


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