When Pain Strikes on Holiday!

Oh, It’s the worst time to happen!

Recently I was on holiday with my family, and my beautiful child decided it is the perfect time to pull on my neck and BANG! Instant spasms that I was not expecting!

Ironically I packed ZERO in anticipation of something happening to me!

So this lovely experience of walking around like a robot for three days, unable to turn, lift my child or lay down gave me ample to write about in a blog!

But before I continue, LEGALLY I can not recommend painkillers or anti-inflammatories and it is for that reason I will no longer be mentioning them. But it is an obvious choice to pack.

I personally barely ever take painkillers!

If in doubt ALWAYS REQUEST A DOCTOR. Hotels always have a doctor affiliated with them.

So here are my tips in bullet form;

  1. Olbas Oil! – It’s brilliant! wards of insects clear sinuses especially in flights and best of all you can use it as a muscle rub! This tiny bottle has helped me out when I have done 19km hikes (I rubbed it on my calves and feet), long cold flights where you get all blocked up, and in India or even hiking in this country, it’s brilliant warding of those biting midges, I just drop a few drops on my trainers and clothing and that is it! No bites!
  2. Google for an Osteopath. I asked reception staff if there was an osteopath on the island (Menorca). She didn’t know what one was and recommended a physio who would do a hard massage. The worse thing for a neck spasm! Disheartened I cheered myself up by trying to convince myself that this may be the only time ever, I may be the only osteopath on an island! Sad I know, but I knew it wasn’t true, so I googled! And there are 3 osteopaths on the island! As a side note, Osteopath is pretty much Osteopath in most countries. In spain, we are called Osteopata but you would recognise the term.
  3. Get Into The Pool! If it is safe to do so. Some people will not be able to do this, use your discretion. For my neck, I got in chin deep and gently turned my neck side to side with my breath. I focused on shrugging my shoulders slowly and really tight then rotating them backwards. It hurt a lot. I felt safe doing it because I knew I had no underlying problems with my neck like a discal protrusion, or nerve entrapments. If you experience pain in your arms, please do not do this. If you have spasms in your back, try floating on your back and just let your body go. It will help your muscles to relax.
  4. Ask for a cold pack. Apply pack to the affected area for short periods of time, e.g. 5 minutes then leave it alone for 10 minutes. Repeat the whole process regularly throughout the day to help calm the inflammation. Alternating with a hot pack is useful but not readily available unless you pack your own wheatgerm bag that can be heated in the microwave. Or you could buy one at the local chemist.

I managed to self-treat and was symptom-free within 3 days – phew! But I learned my lesson!

Have a great holiday and stay safe!

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