Thank you for being here and for reading my Blog.

As an Osteopath I write these blogs, inspired by my patients who visit my clinic.  

My patients are invested in their health.  They believe in taking care of themselves, they believe by investing in their own health so they can get the best out of themselves and are better abled to provide for their loved ones.  

It is with this mantra of investing in our own health I find ways to either improve my skills, services or write inspiring blogs to support people in their health journeys.

Today in the crux of spring I write full of inspiration and hope!

Today I write to encourage you TO CHANGE ONE THING to benefit your health!

During the winter months and grey days my patients visit me in my Osteopathy Clinic and feel guilty for not having the energy to continue the one act to support their health.  I think we can all relate to that. So now where the days are getting longer, and it is getting slightly warmer let’s start putting our winter aims into Action!


‘What shall I change’ I hear you ask!

Whatever it may have been you promised yourself.

That may be;

  • Increasing your water intake
  • Increasing your daily step count
  • Taking the pilates /yoga /dance /sports class that you really wanted to do
  • Going for a daily walk
  • Committing 10 minutes a day to home exercise
  • Juicing daily
  • Making smoothies daily
  • Changing your food plan
  • Start taking your supplements
  • Starting Meditation

The list is endless and personal to You.

Change just one thing Today. 

Commit to it for at least 2 months and it will become your new normal!

Then when you’re ready change another thing.

For example – after my second baby my thing I changed was moving more.  I bought a fitbit to help support me, and I promised to hit my step count.  I made all sorts of adjustments and changed my walking routes, found myself a walking buddy and really committed to get moving.  It took a while but I did it.  After I got into a routine I made another change and started making daily smoothies.  This took me almost 2 months to get into a routine.  I had to change my weekly shop, shift the order of activities in the morning and basically accommodate a new routine amongst my non negotiable commitments like getting my children ready and fed, preschool run then work, but you know what? I did it.  

I didn’t put pressure on myself because I knew I would not be able to commit and adjust and I would have put it off until tomorrow, so I changed only ONE thing for the betterment of my health.

So I urge you today,  Change ONE Thing, and start implementing it today.  Do not be too hard on yourself if things do not go to plan, just promise yourself you will commit and integrate it into your routine of self care.

If you wish to discuss your One Thing during your next Osteopathic appointment then please do, my team and I are happy to support you.

I hope this helps!

Share your stories! On social media or in person, we love hearing your stories and achievements 🙂

Thank you

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