Common Mistakes made by Runners

Part 1


I do like treating Injuries! Sorry, but having pitch side experience people do some crazy things and it is great helping fix them up! However I do not partake in much sport these days, so the fabulous Terence, Runner and Osteopath is writing this week’s blog!  Common mistakes made by Runners.  Let’s dive straight in.

This is the first of a two-part blog on the main reasons I see injured runners in my clinic. Many of you will have made one or more of the mistakes identified and not got injured. Think of it this way, each time you make one of these mistakes you are buying a ticket to the injury lottery. Buy enough tickets and you’re bound to win eventually!

Forgetting F.I.T.

Three basic principles of training are Specificity, Overload and Reversibility. You get better at what you train at.  To improve you increase workload and if you stop training you lose your fitness.

Increasing workload can be simplified into the variations in F.I.T.

F = Frequency (how often you run)
I = Intensity (how fast you run)
T = Time (how far you run)

To allow the body to adapt to increasing workload and avoid injury it is best to only increase one element of F.I.T. at a time. In fact, increasing one while reducing another can make the change more manageable e.g. to run further – decrease pace, to run more often – shorten runs. Once you are used to the new distance increase pace back to previous levels, gradually increase the more frequent runs to previous distance covered.

The human body has a tremendous capacity to adapt to the demands we put on it if we just give it enough time. Regular periods of consolidation every 4-5 weeks, rather than constantly increasing the workload, also supports the adaptation process.

Between seasons, a rest period of a week or two is a good idea. Some runners like a complete break from running. Personally, I prefer a short, easy run each day to recharge the batteries before planning the next campaign.
In part two we will look at racing.

Terence Barnes, Registered Osteopath


Thank You Terence and Looking forward to part 2!

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