How YOU are ‘Pushing’ that wheelchair incorrectly and this blog will help you change that!

Hear me out.

How do you ‘push’ the wheelchair?

Do you hold onto the handles?
Lean forward?
Then move forward ‘pushing’ the chair with your arms?

Do you suffer shoulder or neck ache?
Chronic lower back niggle?
Weak wrists?

These symptoms and many others can be a result of prolonged incorrect posture whilst ‘pushing’ a wheelchair or even a child’s buggy. But it does NOT need to be this way! There is ANOTHER way to do the same task whilst supporting your body.

Here we go;

  • Approach the wheelchair and place your hands on the handles whilst keeping your spine long and straight.
  • Hold onto the chair and keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Focus on your legs, take a step forward, without leaning forward as if there is a string coming out from your pelvis pulling you forward.
  • Now walk forward.

Your hands on the handles are nudging the chair with you. There should be very little force going through your arms, let your legs do the work.

It takes a little practice but ‘walk’ the wheelchair forward DO NOT PUSH it, you do not need to push it, it will move with you. This method minimises force through your upper extremity because you are generating the force from your much stronger muscles in your lower extremities. There will be times you engage force with your upper body, e.g. going up hill, but for the times you are on level ground use your legs as much and as often as possible.

Try it. You have nothing to lose except the constant pain/niggles!

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