Osteopathy is more than just Lower Back Pain!

So I recently was asked the question, ‘Do you treat shoulders or just lower back?’

It is a VERY good question in many ways.

One, someone asked and did not just assume.

Two, It shows SO many people still do not understand what osteopaths do!

Three, YES I do!

I, and all osteopaths really, treat the entire body as a whole. The entire musculoskeletal system, addressing the cause of aches, niggles and pain. This includes shoulder problems!

In the world of evidence based data, we have plenty emerging showing the scientific proof especially in the realms of musculoskeletal disorders. Outside of that? It’s coming!!! The government or pharma does not fund our research!

So to wrap it up, I treat more than just lower back pain. It is a little deceiving as the name of my clinic is Love Your Back. And I love it!!!! It was something myself and my regular patients coined together. It is short, and memorable and has a nice ring to it, and FYI, ‘Back’ is the entire back, the entire spine, not just the lower back!

If you are unsure as to whether osteopathy is for you, then have the confidence to call and ask. If not me, your local osteopath in Sidcup, Kent, then however is your local osteopath. They will happily advise you.

And remember we are primary healthcare professionals, which means YOU DO NOT NEED a GP referral. We are trained and insured to make a diagnosis and treat where we can, and refer when we need to.

Thank you 🙂

To book an appointment you can click here www.loveyourback.co.uk/book-now/ or call 07956 390217.

Pindy 🙂

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